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The international trade of goods is essentially free but may be subject to restrictions or prohibitions that states impose to safeguard their national security interests and the peaceful coexistence of people, or to prevent the proliferation of weapons. These regulations may relate to purchases, sales, services, technology transfers or payments.

Nonproliferation efforts require that exporters are aware of their business partners┬┤ end use application. To ensure sustainable trade compliance, companies need a robust Internal Control Program that is regularly monitored, continuously developed, and safeguarded.

success guaranteed
  • Analysis of your strategic trade control risk; proposals for risk mitigation
  • Implementation of all necessary compliance measures
  • Auditing, monitoring
  • Transparent contribution towards your trade compliance, as part of your team
  • Personnel development and team management
  • Internal trainings
  • Interim management
your benefit
  • Successful implementation projects on three continents
  • Various high technology fields
  • Long term familiarity with huge company groups and SME
  • Excellent network (regulators, enforcement, NGO, industry, logistics, finance in 40+ countries)
  • Several decades in international trade compliance
  • Multi-year experience in Managing Director function
  • Expertise contribution in a German court
  • Consultancy for UN organizations
  • Speaking, publishing